• Why Give to USQ

    The right to an education should not be determined by a person’s race, religion, gender or personal circumstances. Through education we can break down every barrier.

    "For USQ, undoubtedly our greatest success story is our graduates. The right to an education should not be determined by a person’s race, religion, gender or personal circumstances. Through education, we can break down every barrier.


    Our students are focused and resilient but many are facing obstacles to higher education. By overcoming physical, social, geographic and economic disadvantage, our students prove that their backgrounds do not define them. However, the day-to-day costs of higher education for students are growing significantly.


    USQ is and will continue to be, a university that provides an opportunity for students and seeks to break down those barriers that impede higher education engagement in the communities we serve.


    You can help us to change lives and future generations. Your generous tax-deductible gift could fund a scholarship, support research or provide educational resources. I encourage you to take the opportunity to assist the future of USQ students."



    USQ is founded on a proud history of giving. In 1961, the Toowoomba Foundry pledged £10,000, while Pigott’s, The Chronicle and Falconer Motors offered £1,000 each towards the founding of the University. Then in 1963, the ‘Barnstorming Tour’, a much publicised air tour of South West Queensland in a light aircraft covering 14 towns from Stanthorpe to Charleville, raised funds through subscriptions to the Darling Downs University Establishment Association (DDUEA) to support the founding of the University. By 1966 the DDUEA had some 10,000 subscribing members. In the following years, construction of the Toowoomba campus boomed with support from local families, businesses and government.


    In 1994 the Clive Berghofer Recreation Centre was completed thanks to the generous support of local philanthropist Clive Berghofer. In 1998, the construction of Q Block was funded through a bequest left to the University by long-time patron and friend, Mr Keith Bellmaine as well as a payroll deduction staff giving campaign by University employees.


    Today, the Toowoomba, Springfield and Ipswich campuses all benefit from the ongoing support and good will of their local communities.


    If you would like to be part of the next chapter of giving to USQ please contact USQ Advancement.


    There are many ways in which you can donate to the University of Southern Queensland

    How can I donate to USQ?

    For major gift philanthropy, bequests, research funding including sponsored or endowed research chairs and professorships and non-monetary gifts, such as donations of art, collections, property and other assets, please contact USQ Advancement.


    Monetary gifts, such as cash, cheque, money order, electronic funds transfer, and credit or debit card donations can be made through the various options below. Donations of $2 or more may be tax deductible for anyone subject to Australian Taxation Law.

    Give Online

    Credit card donations can be made through our secure online payment gateway.

    Direct Deposit

    You can make a direct deposit into the University of Southern Queensland’s bank account. Contact us prior to making the direct deposit for further details. Once you make the donation, please email your remittance advice along with a completed donation form (PDF 108KB) to advancement@usq.edu.au.

    Give by Phone

    To donate over the phone, please call USQ Advancement.

    Give by Mail

    You can make a donation by sending a cheque or money order made payable to ‘University of Southern Queensland to:

    USQ Advancement
    Office of the Vice Chancellor and President
    University of Southern Queensland
    West Street
    Queensland, 4350

    Please include a completed donation form (PDF 108KB).

    Give in Person

    Gifts of cash, cheque, postal order, credit or debit card can be made through the Cashiers Office, J Block, located on the Toowoomba Campus, West Street.


    You can leave a powerful and permanent legacy by including a bequest to USQ in your Will. Upon execution of the Will, Executors should contact USQ Advancement.

  • Fund a Scholarship at USQ

    Pay it forward to accelerate another generation of talent in Singapore.

    Fund a Scholarship

    Funding a scholarship with USQ can have a profound impact. Our scholarships raise aspirations and unlock the potential of talented people from all walks of life, helping students of all ages and backgrounds to access a University education and reach their full potential.


    USQ scholarships create a special relationship between donors, business and industry, the University and its students. A scholarship can honour the memory of a loved one or colleague, it can be an excellent way to raise the profile of a business or promote an organisation as an employer of choice. Scholarships can connect students with potential employers and provide an avenue for individuals or groups to be actively involved with the University.

    Cash scholarships are used by students in a variety of ways including towards the cost of text books, internet, living expenses or program fees. They can even contribute towards child care and other support services to help free students to focus on their studies.


    Often the cash benefit of a scholarship or bursary provides relief for students in part-time or casual employment, thereby enabling them to devote more time to their studies. This can mean better results and faster progression through their course. Even small sums, and the knowledge they have a sponsor's support, can make a huge difference to the student.


    A scholarship can sometimes include elements other than cash, for example, a work placement or internship, mentoring, development of career networks, paid employment while studying and even employment upon graduation.


    USQ offers a variety of scholarships, bursaries and prizes to new and continuing students in a range of discipline areas. While the exact amount, duration and non-cash benefits of each award is different, they generally fall into the following categories:

    • a prize is an award of up to $1000
    • a bursary is an award of $1000 - $4999
    • a scholarship is an award of $5000 and above.

    Fixed term or recurring gifts


    A fixed term or recurring gift offers certainty and security to both the University and its scholarship students. For example, a pledge of $50,000 could support a $10,000 scholarship annually for five years. The higher the annual scholarship amount, the greater the financial relief for the student, and the greater the impact.


    If you would like to make a profound impact on someone’s life by funding a scholarship, please contact USQ Advancement.

  • Meet USQ Scholarship Recipients

    A scholarship can have a profound impact on our students.

    Each year, over 25,000 Australian and International students pursue their dreams through a quality higher education at USQ.

    Most are working while studying, many are also raising families and a large number are from disadvantaged backgrounds.

    A scholarship can have a profound impact on our students. For many, even a small amount of financial support can make a difference to their studies – helping them to meet day to day higher education and living costs, reducing or removing the need to work while studying or even making a difference with child care.


    Perhaps even more importantly, our scholarship recipients often talk about the psychological impact of having someone believe in them. For many, this is priceless.


    Find out more about the impact of scholarships on our students:

    • Yun Hong Sun (Sharon), Bachelor of Commerce, recipient of the 2015 Heritage Bank Don Steven Scholarship in Commerce
    • Kelsie Schulz, Bachelor of Creative Arts, recipient of the 2015 Thelander Scholarship
    • Sarah Ray, Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Laws, recipient of the 2015 Power Tynan Scholarship
    • Sandra Watkins, Bachelor of Nursing, recipient of the 2015 Sister Elizabeth Kenny Scholarship


    Yun Hong Sun (Sharon), Bachelor of Commerce, recipient of the 2015 Heritage Bank Don Steven Scholarship in Commerce

    Yun Hong Sun (Sharon)

    Bachelor of Commerce, recipient of the 2015 Heritage Bank Don Steven Scholarship in Commerce

    Click the photograph to hear Sharon's story.

    Kelsie Schulz, Bachelor of Creative Arts, recipient of the 2015 Thelander Scholarship

    Bachelor of Creative Arts, recipient of the 2015 Thelander Scholarship

    Click the photograph to hear Kelsie's story.

    Sarah Ray, USQ Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Laws, recipient of the 2015 Power Tynan Scholarship

    Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Laws, recipient of the 2015 Power Tynan Scholarship

    Click the photograph to hear Sarah's story.

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