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USQ Alumnus Chia Yoong Hui set to pioneer ship data analytics on world

· Shipping,Carbon Compliance,MRV Compliance

Chia Yoong Hui was seen in The Business Times today.

They report that his company, privately owned Ascenz Solutions, is set to solidify its position on the international stage as a pioneer of ship data acquisition and analytic solutions that will help maritime players align with new and evolving regulatory requirements on energy efficiency and greenhouse gas emission.

The European Union took the lead in 2015 as the first regional grouping to adopt a legal framework for the monitoring, reporting and verification (MRV) of carbon dioxide emissions from maritime transport. In responding to projected demand for smart shipping solutions for data acquisition and analytics aligned with the EU's MRV regulation, Ascenz has incorporated a new business unit in Rotterdam. The new Rotterdam office will play an instrumental role in expanding the footprint of Ascenz's proprietary Shipulse solution in Europe.

Under the MRV regulation, large ships - defined as those over 5,000 gross tonnes - calling at EU ports from Jan 1, 2018, will be required to collect and later publish verified annual data on carbon dioxide emissions and other relevant information, including distance, time at sea and cargo carried. The MRV report template is expected to be finalised towards the end of 2016 at the earliest. Mr Chia believes, given the current state of technology, much focus will still be directed at "measuring what is burnt, how much is burnt", and working from this basis to derive the emission levels.

Chief executive Chia Yoong Hui noted that Ascenz stands to be among not more than five marine technology providers in the world to help ship owners meet EU's MRV regulation.

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