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Join the USQ Asia Alumni Clubhouse

The USQ Asia Alumni Steering Committee are pleased to invite you to join our new online forum for Asian-based alumni - the USQ Asia Alumni Clubhouse.

Through this Google+ Clubhouse our alumni can foster authentic relationships and learn, support and inspire one another, both personally and professionally, across markets.

We encourage all of our alumni based in Asia to join the Clubhouse and start strengthening your alumni networks today.

In today's economy, effectively competing means having both the ability and the relationships to adapt. 

Our Asian economies are slowing down and new trading blocks are emerging. As corporate leaders we must now be able to design and innovate products for new segments of Asian consumers and create strategies for multiple fast-changing Asian markets, often in a digital and global context.

The USQ Asia Alumni Steering Committee and the Clubhouse initiative are designed to help USQ alumni thrive in the new Asian economy. It has three main missions:

  • Driving greater regional collaboration for professional networking, sharing knowledge and camaraderie among our 14,000+ Asia-based alumni,

  • Accelerating our alumni's market access, career and/or bridging the cultural gaps across our borders
  • Combining our alumni expertise and promoting USQ's top ranked research and MBA brand regionally for the benefits of our USQ community

Unlock your exclusive pass to the USQ Asia Clubhouse quoting passcode 'USQmyWay' and gain access to exclusive international career opportunities from the world's most elite headhunters, professional development webinars and more on Google+.

For further information about the USQ Asia Alumni Steering Committee or the USQ Asia Alumni Clubhouse, please contact Ms Leesa Soulodre, USQ Singapore Alumni Chapter Vice-Chair.


The USQ Asia Alumni Steering Committee

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