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Enjoying A Taste of Harmony

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Research has found that cultural diversity plays a crucial role in expanding our horizons and improves problem-solving, innovation, creativity and productivity.

USQ Singapore Alumni Society hosted a Taste of Harmony evening to welcome home our new Alumni and together, celebrate the achievements of new PhD Graduate Dr. Henry Wong,, to embrace our cultural diversity and finalise our 7th Anniversary planning with our partners.

A Taste of Harmony is an initiative of The Scanlon Foundation, a philanthropic organisation dedicated to support the creation of a larger, more cohesive society.

Everyone has their own understanding of their culture and what it means to them. This event was an opportunity to try the different foods or wines on offer, to take the time to get to know each other, ask each other questions about the food – why someone chose or cooked that dish, how and when they eat it at home and what it means to their culture. We do not get many opportunities in our busy lives to have these kinds of conversations, so we certainly made the most of it.

We are sharing the highlights of our favourite recipes in our Taste of Harmony ebook that was voted September book of the month on Cliptomize:

Let's continue to raise our glasses together, embrace our diversity and enjoy our tastes of harmony!

USQ Singapore Alumni Society A Taste of Harmony Event

L to R: Camilla Wong, Rebekah Yee, Candy Wee, August Ong, Leesa Soulodre,

Dr. Janson Yap, Harold Plumb and Deborah Chin.

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