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Dr Kumaran Rajaram awarded Nanyang Technology University's Teaching and Learning Grant

Former USQ Singapore Alumni Chairman, Dr Kumaran Rajaram has been awarded the competitive Nanyang Technology University Teaching and Learning Grant.

The Dean of Nanyang Business School stated: "Dr Kumaran Rajaram (SMO) has been Awarded an NTU Edex Grant to work on the project “Scaffolding the flip: Developing an activity support system for instructors of flipped classroom.

"All the hard work, time and efforts inputted in submitting a compelling proposal and successfully passing through the three levels of interview has been indeed worthwhile." stated Kumaran on hearing the news.

"This is another milestone towards the next phase of knowledge creation and innovation for the 21st century new generational learners," Kumaran said.

About Dr. Kumaran Rajaram

Dr. Kumaran Rajaram is a practitioner in Business Management and Organisational Science and a research scholar who specializes in Learning Culture, Culture of Learning and Internationalization of Business Higher Education. Dr. Rajaram is a Course Leader and Lecturer in Management with Strategy, Management and Organization Department at the Nanyang Business School, where he lectures and is responsible for the learning design for the courses of Principles of Management and Fundamentals of Management. As a research scholar he performs cutting-edge research in Organizational Science, Learning Analytics, Culture of Learning, Learning Culture and Internationalization of Business Higher Education. He has a PhD (Distinction) from the University of South Australia and an MBA Class of 2005 from USQ. He holds a BSc (Hons) from the University of Wales and a Diploma in Electrical Engineering from Singapore Polytechnic. Dr. Kumaran served as President and Vice President of the USQ Singapore Alumni Chapter from 2007-2015.

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