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Diversity in Marketing and Comms in Asia Pacific 

USQ Vice Chairman Leesa Soulodre, CoFounder of the DiversityDirectory Asia Pacific, was seen in CampaignAsia news this week.

The article highlights a challenging landscape for Employers in the industry across the region with many examples that would make a company's leader's cringe. Soulodre makes the point that Companies who fail to bring diversity onto their leadership teams risk connecting to the very drivers of Asia's boom - youth and women.

Soulodre recommends a 3 pronged approach to incorporating diversity and inclusion into our Companies:

1. Top down endorsement for change made by the Company's Senior leadership

2. Support services such as return to work schemes, flexible working hours and subsidised childcare

3. Programs that focus on mentoring and skill building.

To read the article in its entirety please click here:,Diversity+in+APAC+marketing+and+comms+Enough+lip+service.aspx

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