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Charity begins at home

On the 9th June, the USQ Singapore Alumni Committee Members came together to celebrate the 2016 Dragon Festival and the nominations of our local Alumni for the 2016 Alumnus of the Year Awards.

The Dragon Boat Festival is a traditional Chinese festival. It has a history of more than 2,000 years, and is believed to have originated during the Warring States period. Although the legendary origins of the Dragon Boat Festival vary regionally, they all involve some of the most important traditions in Chinese culture including virtue, spirit, loyalty, honour, and love. They have been, and will probably always be, told from one generation to the next.

Dumpling donations were offered in the spirit of honouring these valuable traits to Marymount Centre Children's Charity.

Marymount Centre is a voluntary welfare organisation set up by the Congregation of the Sisters of  the Good Shepherd (Good Shepherd Sisters) to reach out to marginalised women and children in Singapore.  It has been registered under the Charities Act of Singapore since 9 May 1984 and has obtained Institution of Public Character status.

The Centre provides social services which include residential care, crisis shelter and student care to help these women and children. Apart from social services, it also helps the Good Shepherd Sisters to run two kindergartens which provide quality pre-school education for children.

USQ's dumpling donation went to the children under Child Protection who need a temporary safe environment while investigation and assessment take place to decide on their future care arrangements.

The Centre provide a safe and nurturing environment for Child Protection cases, while assessment into the care needs of these Children and Young Persons (CYPs) are undertaken to facilitate timely placement of these CYPs in the most appropriate care environment. It engages these children with a safe environment and wage-appropriate activities that seek to meet their physical, social, emotional and educational needs during their stay at MaryMount.

2016 Alumnus of the Year Nominees are:

Chia Yoong Hui - International Alumnus of the Year Nominee

Laura Allison-Neumann - International Research Alumnus of the Year Nominee

Kumaran Rajaram - International Research Alumnus of the Year Nominee

Leesa Soulodre - Chapter Volunteer Alumnus of the Year Nominee

USQ Singapore Alumni Chairman Dr Janson Yap provides a handwritten letter from Singapore Alumni Chapter to the Director of MaryMount Centre.

USQ Singapore Alumni Chapter Committee celebrates the virtues of the Dragon Festival

USQ Singapore Alumni Chapter Committee 2016 from L to R: Magylic Chew, Treasurer; Ko Kai Hong, Committee Member; Kia Sia Koh, Committee Member; Camilla Wong, Honorary Auditor; Rebekah Yee Paik Yin, Committee Member; Janson Yap, Chairman; Candy Wee, Committee Member; Leesa Soulodre, Vice Chairman.

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