More than 50 years as a University and Education provider.

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    We let the results speak for themselves.

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    USQ Alumni from 146 countries around the globe.


    From award winning journalists and actors to international business leaders and politicians to enthusiastic educators and engineers, our alumni are a talented and diverse group and the Alumni Network likes to showcase their successes.


    Ranking of USQ MBA in Australian BOSS 2015 MBA Rankings


    5 stars rated for student satisfaction

    ( (MyUniversity 2012-2016)

    • 92.1% for business 
    • 88.9% for arts 
    • 85.2% for science.


    Queensland’s No. 1 university for graduates in full-time work (Graduate Destinations Survey, 2012-2016)


    Campuses in Australia: 3 in Queensland: Toowoomba, Springfield & Ipswich


    Year as a Higher Education Institution and 49 Year old Academic Institution


    Student body enrolled full time or part time by distance or online education


    Fields of USQ Research received an ERA rating of ‘5’ or ‘well above world standard’

    • Materials engineering
    • Environmental science and management 
    • Pharmacology and pharmaceutical sciences


    Fields of USQ Research received an ERA rating of '4' or "above world standard"

    • Numerical and computational mathematics
    • Astronomical and space sciences
    • Environmental sciences
    • Crop and pasture production
    • Mechanical engineering
    • Medical and health sciences


    Fields of USQ Research received an ERA rating of ‘3’ or at ‘world standard’

    • Mathematical sciences
    • Physical sciences
    • Agricultural 
    • Veterinary sciences engineering
    • History and archaeology
  • USQ Alumnus of the Year Nominees

    AAS Council of Advisors Nominees


    Yoong Hui Chia, USQ International Alumnus of the Year 2017 Nominee

    Yoong Hui Chia

    International Alumnus of the Year

    Nominee 2018


    Yoong Hui Chia, Founder and CEO of Ascenz, the leading operational risk intelligence company in the maritime industry.

    Yoong Hui founded the company to support ship owners in managing the significant reputation, regulatory and social license to operate risks to sustainably operating their business.

    Ascenz is renown for the development and supply of remote fuel monitoring systems for shipping companies to track fuel consumption and bunkering. The company’s patented software monitoring system allows data to be delivered from moving ships to an onshore control office, which in turn gives Ascenz’s customers a way to monitor fuel usage in real-time and take proactive actions to protect employee health and safety and maximise fuel utilisation. Given the huge risks of piracy in the shipping industry, the system also serves as a locating device by sending back information about the ship’s engines and current location. Given the world's dependence on oil, every small change that his technology's analytic tools encourages a shipowner to make, can only be a positive step for the planet.

    Dr Janson Yap, USQ Professional Alumnus of the Year 2017 Nominee

    Dr Janson Yap

    Professional Alumnus of the Year

    Nominee 2018


    Dr Janson is the regional leader for Deloitte Southeast Asia and Asia Pacific’s Risk Advisory practice. He brings with him over 30 years of professional experience in providing management consulting, advisory, corporate governance and risk management services to many big organisations in this increasingly challenging economic and regulated environment. He is also the firm’s Innovation leader.


    Dr Janson Yap is an outstanding USQ Alumni Professional whose career personifies his core competencies of Researcher, Visionary, Mentor and Educator. His daily journey as an Educator, Mentor, Visionary and Researcher has enabled Janson to realise his life-long dream of being a valuable contributor and a successful and authentic leader. He lives by his mantra: “Be Yet Wiser”, the motto of his secondary school as one needs to be wiser than before in this constant changing flat world.


    We are pleased to announce that the following nominations have been submitted by USQ Singapore Alumni Chapter for the USQ Alumnus of the Year 2017 Awards.


    Chia Yoong Hui - International Alumnus of the Year

    Dr Janson Yap - Professional Alumnus of the Year

    Ken Tonsheck - International Alumnus of the Year

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    At the University of Southern Queensland (USQ), we’re proud to say we are different to other Universities. We aim to make study possible and enjoyable for you.

    Visit usq.edu.au for more information about studying with USQ.

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